Heikki and Riitta with pups Hi and welcome to our homepages!

We are Riitta and Heikki Lehtiniemi. We live in the Central Finland just beside beautiful Lake Lappajärvi. Our family consists of us and our four children, of which the youngest one still lives at home. We are already ’triple time’ grandmoms and granpas as well! And of course there are the dogs, five all together at the moment: three American Akitas and two Swedish Elkhounds (The original Swedish name for the breed is: Jämthund).

You can find more info about our dogs at these pages and also about our future plans with them. What comes to Swedish Elkhounds, our breeding work with this breed is still at the stage of planning. Our first American Akita arrived to us in 1996 and we have had several litters with this breed this far. During these ten years with this wonderful breed we have learned so many things thru our own experiences and happenings.

Our intention is to breed sound and breed-typical temperaments with sound bodies as well. Good handsome appearance is also one of the main things in our breeding plan. And also what comes especially to Swedish Elkhounds, our aim will be to produce good quality and functioning working lines. Because nothing in this world can place a true working dog – except a better one!

Our home pages are updated all the time, so welcome to visit us again!

Riitta and Heikki Lehtiniemi
Ylirannantie 572
62630 Karvala
Tel, home: +358 6 5663309 - Riitta, mobile: +358 400 909177 - Heikki, mobile: +358 400 916599
email: kulmakuusi@luukku.com


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