American akita

Our puppies grow at our home, in the midst of everyday life. They also meet lots of people, including children. It is very important that they should go on living the same kind of life when they move to a new home, so that they can grow into as tolerant and open individuals as possible.

We sell our puppies only to such homes where they can get all the attention and love what they deserve. We find also very important, that the buyers should know enough about this breed and it’s history as centuries old guardian and fighting dog. It’s important that they are aware of the challenge what comes to bringing up and training this breed, because it’s not always the most easiest one.

The possible buyers will get (in good time before purchasing the puppy) our puppy brochure. In order to ensure puppy’s good mental and physical growth/development should the buyers definitely follow the instructions given in our puppy brochure. This is the way to the best possible final result!

We have planned to breed Siru and Pomo during this year 2006. We are also planning to breed Zelda as well. Ask more detailed info by email:




Swedish Elkhound

Our breeding with this breed has not yet begun, but in the future if everything goes well, we will breed both Netta and Kuura.