We have had dogs always in our family. There were hound dogs in Riitta’s childhood home because his father was having a hunting hobby. When Heikki was a child his parents used to have spitzes.

The first dog in our own family came when our daughter Jenni was starting her school. This dog was ‘pure mixed breed’ with a noble name called ‘Parooni’ (in English: Baron). When Parooni died we bought St. Bernard called Bella.

After this we purchased our first American Akita (at that time the breed was named: Akita Inu) Basnautz Zakahara, just ‘Veera’ for her friends. After this purchase we got certain that this IS our breed and there started to come more members of this particular breed into our family.
Our first Swedish Elkhound came to our family in 1998. So with these two breeds we have wanted to go on in our breeding plan. Our American Akitas are purely guarding dogs and companions and Riitta attends to the dog shows with them. Heikki’s main hobby is to go hunting elks and his Swedish Elkhounds have a wonderful possibility to put their original working purpose and hunting instincts in good use!